About Us

Co-founders: Izzy Gibson and Lucy Hannigan

“Design that Makes a Difference”

Catch 27 is a clothing line founded amid the outbreak of COVID19. Fashion has forever been shaped by its global context. Yet, our aim is to use fashion as a tool for societal change.


We are currently a small business, founded by two 18 year olds in Oxfordshire, England. Design is our passion, but we all too often see the world of fashion as a place of corruption, damage, and superficiality. Therefore, we saw great importance in making a brand that promises to give back to society, a brand that uses design to make a positive impact on the world. We are starting small, but hope that our business will one day change lives for the better.


Each of the collections we release will raise funds and awareness for a particular charitable cause. We see fashion as a global art form; everyone can express themselves through the clothes they wear. So, why not wear clothes that inspire change? Through wearing our products, you will be showing your support for those who need it most, you will be educating those around you, and (of course) will be looking amazing in the process.

Our Team:

Co-founders:  Lucy Hannigan & Izzy Gibson

CEO: Izzy Gibson ( @izzycgibson )

COO: Lucy Hannigan ( @luclou1 )

Brand ambassador: Amy Leung  ( @amyyleungg )