Latest News

  • Catch27’s first ever collection is due to launch by the end of this month! The “Pandemic Fund Collection’ will include a variety of T shirts displaying images of support for workers,

  • 100% of profits from our ‘Pandemic Fund Collection’ will be donated quarterly to Human Appeal’s emergency Coronavirus appeal.  Human Appeal is an international global humanitarian and development

  • We are soon to release our first three garmnets for online purchase! In collaboration with the wonderfully photogenic Wissam Attou, we now have a gallery of photos for our “Pandemic Fund Collect

  • With great thanks to Bella Crew and Michael Ashby, today we completed our second socially distanced photoshoot. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of our “Pandemic Fund Collection” Un

  • Thanks to the support of all our customers, we have sold almost 70 items and raised over £600 for Human Appeal’s Coronavirus fund. We still have a few T-shirts available to buy so please keep sh

  • With great thanks to all our buyers and supporters, we are excited to announce that we have made our first ever donation to Human Appeal! With over 75 T shirts purchased, we have made a net profit of