Human Appeal – Our chosen charity

Human Appeal – Our chosen charity

100% of profits from our ‘Pandemic Fund Collection’ will be donated quarterly to Human Appeal’s emergency Coronavirus appeal. 

Human Appeal is an international global humanitarian and development organisation, which was founded in Manchester. They have launched an emergency appeal to fight the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the UK as well as in nine of the most vulnerable countries in the world. 

When £15 is donated to Human Appeal, an emergency food parcel is provided for vulnerable, homeless and older people in the UK. When £70 is donated a family hygiene kit is provided which includes an easy-to-understand guide to reducing the risk of catching and spreading the virus. These are some of the ways Human Appeal has already helped people during these troubling times. They have:

  • Provided 1,000 people with COVID-19 hygiene kits in Pakistan.
  • Delivered 70 litres of hand sanitizer and 33 dispensers installed at 12 isolation centres in Pakistan.
  • Delivered 4,058 hot meals to UK hospitals
  • Provided 775 meals to homeless people in the UK
  • Delivered 291 emergency foods parcels to the elderly, and much more. 

Please go to for more information on the amazing work that this charity is doing for us during the global pandemic. 

Or, if you would like to directly donate to Human Appeal’s Coronavirus Appeal please go to: 

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