Our Charities


Our chosen charity for the “ACCESS” collection

Access UK is a London based bespoke careers service for marginalised people, particularly those from the BAME community. They were founded in 2014 as a voice for millions of unemployed BAME youth. Access UK offers a huge range of services from career guidance to black history classes to gang mediation. 


Their largest aim is to reverse the 50% unemployment rate amongst BAME youth. Access UK puts equality above all else. They want to create a world in which every young person is given the opportunity to achieve, regardless of class or ethnicity. 


Find more information about the amazing work Access Uk go here: https://www.accessuk.org/


To donate go here: https://www.accessuk.org/donate

Human Appeal

Our chosen charity for the “Pandemic Fund Collection”

Human Appeal is a humanitarian organisation, delivering disaster relief and development programmes around the world for nearly 30 years in order to drive global change and make the biggest positive impact on the lives of people who need it most. We are a faith-based organisation, inspired by the Islamic values of; excellence, accountability and transparency, compassion, justice, empowerment, trust and respect. These values are core humanitarian values, and they guide us in serving the people we help.

Human Appeal has been on the front line of UK society’s response to the needs of vulnerable people and NHS staff during this pandemic, delivering over 4,000 meals to hospitals and vulnerable people, over 700 meals to homeless people, and nearly 2,000 emergency food parcels to the elderly, as well as working with a range of charities and organisations up and down the country.

Latest News

  • A massive thank you to all our customers! We have now made over £800 to support those suffering from COVID19. Head over to https://humanappeal.org.uk/appeals/coronavirus-em

  • With great thanks to all our buyers and supporters, we are excited to announce that we have made our first ever donation to Human Appeal! With over 75 T shirts purchased, w

  • Thanks to the support of all our customers, we have sold almost 70 items and raised over £600 for Human Appeal’s Coronavirus fund. We still have a few T-shirts availa